Trunk Or Treat~ Easy Way To Decorate Your Trunk

trunk or treat, easy way to decorate your car, #trunkortreat, #halloween, #easy, #thrifty


Trunk Or Treat~ Easy Way To Decorate Your Trunk

Looking for a quick, last minute idea to decorate your car for a trunk or treat? If you don’t know what a trunk or treat is, that is where you meet in a parking lot with a group of people and go trick or treating to each vehicle.  Its easy, quick and safe (no worries about your kids out walking on the dark streets where a vehicle may not see them).

This face was done in minutes and gives my boring trunk some personality.

You will need:

3 paper plates

black paper






trunk or treat, easy way to decorate your car, #halloween,#trunkortreat, #easy, #thrifty

Begin by using your ruler and pen/pencil to divide one of the plates into quarters.  Then cut them.  These will be your teeth.

trunk or treat, easy way to decorate your car, ,#trunkortreat, #easy, #thrifty#halloween

Set the teeth aside and begin on your eyes.  I traced a small bowl on my black paper to get my inner eye.  Trace, cut, and then glue one black circle to each of your remaining paper plates.  There is your eyes.

Tape them on the back of your car and you are ready for the trunk or treaters!

Happy Halloween!

trunk or treat, easy way to decorate your car, #halloween,#trunkortreat, #easy,#car #thrifty

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  1. Honestly, I think when I saw this. He doesn’t have much money that he gives her to the kids with my little bit he does have. Someone to spend minimal mountain of money to no someone to spend almost no money on decorations so they could spend more on treats for the kids (which they would actually appreciate MORE), it makes sense to me!!!!! Please don’t judge others.

  2. If you have a computer and a printer, then you probably have card stock laying around. For a different take, grab a few sheets of card stock, cut them diagonally corner to corner. Then you have two wide teeth and two tall teeth per sheet. With 2 sheets, you have 8 teeth, so you can finish in the rest of the gum line with more trunk teeth.

  3. If someone was going to be that lazy about decorating for the event, I’d think they didn’t really want to participate. Why bother? Just stay home.

  4. Esra Deville, it’s a great way for kids to do some safe trick or treating. A big group meets in a parking lot, like a church, and go from trunk to trunk. Some malls are open on Halloween night for trick or treating too. Some people don’t like having their kids going to homes they don’t know or live in apartments where its difficult to trick or treat, this gives them a safe and fun way to do it.

  5. I’m not sure how it’s done in Utah, but in NC, most of the larger churches do it and then the children’s museums. I’d check into there.

  6. does anyone know where there trunk or treating in utah? ive been asking and looking all day n no one seems to knw

  7. Aww man, we just had ours earlier today. I will have to save this for next year.

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