Turkey Cookies~Easy Thanksgiving Snacks

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Turkey Cookies~Easy Thanksgiving Snacks

Looking for a treat for your child’s school class for Thanksgiving?  Or maybe you just want to try something fun at home for a treat.  These little turkeys are so easy and cute, you almost don’t want to eat them… almost.

What you will need:

Oreo cookies

Mini pretzels

Fruit roll up (yellow and red)

Chocolate candy coating

Wax paper

Candy eyes (check on the cake decorating aisle of your local Walmart or craft store)\

Begin by melting your chocolate in a dish that you can reach into to dip your pretzels and cookies.  Have a handful of whole pretzels close.  When your chocolate is melted,  coat the pretzels well, using a fork to scoop them up.  Before you put the pretzel on the wax paper to dry, give it a couple of bumps against the bowl to knock off extra chocolate back into your bowl.  Lay your pretzels in groups of four like this:

turkey cookies, easy thanksgiving snack, #turkey, #thanksgivingtreats, #thanksgiving, #cookies, #pretzels, #turkeytreats,

Sorry about the awful picture, my kitchen lighting is terrible at night!  While you let your pretzels begin to harden, dip your Oreo cookies one at a time in the chocolate.  Make sure to knock the fork against the bowl a few times again to knock the extra chocolate off.  Place the Oreo on top of your group of pretzels.

turkey cookies, easy thanksgiving snack, #turkey, #thanksgivingtreats, #thanksgiving, #cookies, #turkeytreats, #pretzels

Before it hardens, place 2 candy eyes, a triangle cut from fruit roll up and a piece of red fruit roll up to resemble the waddle.  Once the turkey hardens, these will be attached well.  Candy corn would also make a super cute beak, but I couldn’t find any the day I went to the store. 🙁

Let them sit for a while to harden.  They will be well stuck together.  Put on a plate as an easy gift for a neighbor, add them to your Thanksgiving table, or just serve them to your family as a cute dessert!  I guarantee everyone will love how adorable and creative these little turkeys are!

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