Turn boring Fluorescent light panels into bright sunny sky with white puffy clouds

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skylight panelsLight Diffusers to lighten up any fluorescent light panel
You know those plain white frosted light panels you see when you look up at your fluorescent light panel! Yeah those boring panels that make you wish it was a natural skylight? Replace that boring piece of plastic with these light diffuser panels that give the impression of a tropical palm tree over hanging a skylight window with white puffy clouds passing by. It will always look like its sunny out when you walk under those lights!
Mix and match to create beautiful scenes.
As low as $35.99 plus shipping

  • Skypanels are fluorescent light diffusers panels designed to reduce harsh glare emanating from existing fluorescent lighting
  • Fits all Standard 2ft. X 4ft. Light Diffusers
  • Easy to install and trim down to size if needed
  • By using these skylights for sale, offices, homes, or school environments can easily be transformed to help reduce stress and create the feeling of looking up at the sky
  • These are acrylic panels that replace your existing panels. These are NOT stickers or backlit films

fluorescent light diffuser

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