Ummm Mommy… your eggs are furry

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Every month I am in charge of visiting a few ladies that I attend church with.  I check on them to make sure things are going ok in their lives, let them know they are loved and I also try to bring them a little treat.  This month I put together a couple little Easter baskets I made with a friend last year, and filled them with pretty pastel eggs filled with candy.  I set them on the counter, and ran up to take a shower.

Mistake #1 leaving a basket filled with candy in reach of  my children.  I would like to pretend that I have perfect children that never get into things…. but who am I kidding.  I came down just a few minutes later, to see one basket totally torn apart and easter grass strung  from one end of the house to the other.  Empty eggs, and jelly bean stained faces smiling back at me….. I was rather upset.  Ok I was ready to scream, it was all I could do not to totally loose it.  I did not have any candy to replace them with….. and had to leave  within minutes.  I saw the bag of Kiwis on the counter and thought well at least they are egg shape,  I put 3 of them in each basket  and went to get my coat on.

I came back into the room, Maleeya was peeking into the little baskets with a rather horrified look on her face.  She glanced up at me…. “Ummm, Mommy… your eggs are furry,”  I busted out laughing.  I told her they were not eggs anymore, they were Kiwis.  She then said, “Mom, Kiwis kind of look like furry poop……”  By this time I was laughing so hard I could hardly breath.

I can honestly say this is the first time I have ever given a basket full of furry eggs…. but I will never look at kiwis the same again! 🙂

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