Are you a gangsta?

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So both Sarah and I are sick, and I hope this post comes out with out major mistakes since I am drugged out on Night Quill…But I am watching a show about parking tickets and such and I heard a kid say something that I wanted to post on. To set up the story of what was happening, these parking authority people tried to put one of those parking boots on a car that had too many tickets. The boots are designed not to allow cars to move, until the ticket is paid and they come back out to remove the boot after the bill has been paid. Well this one guy drove off with the boot half on. The parking authority guys drove all over the inner city Philadelphia trying to find the boot in case it fell off. Well the next day a teenager in his late teens walked up to the parking authority from some inner city project homes. He was carrying the boot that was left in the road near his home. He gave back the boot he found to the authority and said “I can be a gangsta and still do nice things”

I can be a gangsta and still do nice things – really made me think. See I used to live in the south – Alabama, Georgia, and North Carolina. Most of my youth I spent being bused to inner city schools for the south’s desegregation program. They would take kids from the suburbs and bus them in to the inner city schools and vice versa. I actually enjoyed it. Now I was never a “gangsta” but being in the south and orginally from the north gave me a fresh look on all people. Being born in Rhode Island, living in Wisconsin and Ohio, and then down to Alabama and such enabled me not to engrained with bad thoughts of other humans..

One thing I learned being the minority in my school years, is that no matter how people dress, or how they act, or what ever race we may be, we are all still human. And that we all can be “gangsta and still do nice things!”

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