Urban Outfitters inspired painting ~ DIY low cost but AWESOME room decor

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Urban outfitters inspired painting, peacock, painting, jewel tones, urban outfitters, color, thrifty home decor

Urban Outfitters inspired painting

A couple of weeks ago, I found this rug on Pinterest and fell in love with it. Unfortunately, my husband didn’t love it and I wasn’t sure how it would fit in my bedroom and look right. But I really fell in love with the colors and decided that it was the colors I wanted to use in the space, and thought it would look amazing with my grey comforter. (Side note, the painting also has purple in it, that doesn’t show up well for some reason in the photos)

Urban outfitters inspired painting, painting, color, jewel tones, urban outfitters, peacock, thrifty home decor

Isn’t she beautiful? I love it so much! I wanted to come up with something else and this painting is what I came up with. If you would like to create your own, here is what you need.

Canvas in desired size

purple, teal, lime green, and turquoise paint

sponge brush

Begin by adding dollops of paint to a paper plate. You won’t need a lot because you aren’t trying to cake the paint on. Brush it on in small amounts across your canvas in even streaks. This photo didn’t show up very well, I am not sure why, but when I discovered it, it was too late to redo the photos.

Urban outfitters inspired painting, peacock, jewel tones, painting, color, urban outfitters, thrifty home decor

When painting your lines, overlap them a little so you don’t just end up with a striped canvas. If you aren’t getting the desired effect, go over the canvas redoing the stripes. Overlapping the stripes will also blend the colors together to help them flow. This would make a great art piece. I have a large empty wall that I decided would be perfect for a large version of this art. Paintings can cost a ton, so this is a great way to add some art within a budget. It is great that it is also made by you so its a masterpiece!

Urban outfitters inspired painting, peacock, jewel tones, painting, urban outfitters, color, thrifty home decor

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