Vanilla Chocolate Dessert Cups~ edible dessert cups recipe

Thanks to My Crowded Kitchen for passing along this recipe for Vanilla Chocolate Dessert Cups.  Once again she is putting her amazing kitchen skills to use and whipping up something both tasty and beautiful!   These would be cute filled with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and  crushed candy canes on top.

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Are you ready to get some oohs and ahhs at your next gathering? I wanted to make a completely edible dessert that would be tasty as well as pretty. The best part, these cups are super-duper easy to make with very little fuss involved. All you need is a 1 inch pastry brush, some almond bark, foil baking cups and you’re on your way to a pretty, elegant dessert in no time. I decided to serve ice cream sundaes in ours, but you can put anything your little heart desires in these babies. 

1 inch pastry brush
foil baking cups, desired amount
almond bark vanilla or chocolate flavored coating, desired amount

1. Place 2-4 baking cups inside each other, set aside.{This is to make it a little more sturdy to handle while coating the cup.}
3. Melt coating according to packaged directions.
4. Dip pastry brush in coating and coat the inside of baking cup, making sure to get in all the nooks and cranny’s, let coating set, repeat if needed.
5. Gently tear away foil baking cup from chocolate coating and fill cups with desired fillings.

Notes: Keep cups in a cool dry place until ready to fill and serve. These would look amazing filled with a cream cheese filling and topped with a variety of fruit.
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