Please think about Organ Donation

Want to take a moment and share an important topic. Organ Donation. Most know that our oldest, Matthew, was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. Along with that, we were given choices for his survival: Let him die, Heart transplant, or a series of major surgeries to re-plumb his heart. We chose the surgeries to hold off on a transplant. It was a choice based on multiple reasons. It is always better to make a bad heart last as long as you can. Not only because there actually is less medicine then compared to a transplant, but also getting a transplant is slim pickings in young children. They are young and healthy and there is less available organ donations.
We ask that you watch this awesome video below. It is about one of my (Matt) college dorm buddies, and his little girl, Mia. She had severe aortic stenosis. And thanks to Jacobs Mother who wanted her child’s memory to live on in another little child, Mia.  This subject is dear to our heart because most likely in the future our own little Matthew will need this priceless gift from another to live.
So take just a moment, watch the video, and the adorable music, get your Kleenex, and think about what would you do, if you too had that question asked? Will you donate?

For Jessica from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.


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