Vintage Necklace – Three different owls as low as $3.40

We ordered these and they took about 8 days to get them! Really fast and really great quality!
We just found this on Amazon and think it so pretty. The turquoise is always a great look. And for as low as $3.60 and free shipping
Unique Bronze Owl Filled Turquoise Pendant Copper-plated Metal Necklace 1pcs
This dark bronze owl is so pretty. The combination of dark and light colors will work with any outfit! And for as low as $3.91
Trendy Bronze Owl with Acrylic Glass Pendant Copper-plated Metal Necklace 1pcs P1261

We have posted this owl before and our readers have said they love it, and that it was shipped very quick. And for as low as $3.40 and still free shipping  Vintage Owl Pendant Long Bronze Chain Necklace Clothes

Please note that Amazon priced tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice


  1. 🙁 I’m always leery of the cheap jewelry on amazon. I mean I love cheap costume jewelry, but these things smell SO horrible after you wear them for a short time. Unless you like smelling like metal..?

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