Walgreens Brand Diapers only $2.50 a package

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I just thought I would spotlight this deal in case you missed it on my full match up I did this weekend.

Walgreens  brand diapers jumbo pack $8.99, B1G1 free

If you do not have the infant care booklet many stores have them at the register.  Since it is an instore coupon they do not have to take the coupon, just scan it so they can use the same one over and over.  Ask around and see if you can find them at your local Walgreens.

I have had lots of you ask what I think about Walgreens diapers….because we all know that a leaky diaper is awful even if it was a great price.  My opinion is, my favorite brand has been Huggies but they also come with a price.  I do not like many store brands  BUT I really like Walgreens brand diapers.  I was really surprised at how sturdy they were, fit well and ” hold lots of liquid”.  What do you think of them?

If your store is out grab a rain check, the instore coupon is good all year so you will have plenty of time to find them in stock.


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