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This happened several years ago but is still the nicest thing anyone has done for me. My sister and her family were moving from Oregon to Texas. They had car trouble and ended up at our house for about three days. We were away on vacation. When we got home my sister was gone but it looked like someone had put a stick in the roof and stirred, what a mess. I do love my sister! I had to work the next day and spent the day lining out my week to get my house in order. Sheets to be changed, laundry to be done, dishes washed, carpet cleaned and floors swept and mopped. You name it, it needed attention. I got home that night ready to fix dinner and start putting my house back together. I walked in the back door and was met by a smiling husband! He had the day off! Our home shined like a new penny. This man does not do house work (which is fine with me). I got a week back that I thought was shot. He did a wonderful thing for me and I like to tell this story often. I would like to add that there are dishes, certain items of clothing, and a few other things I am still looking for, never found. What a wonderful thing to give me, something that no one can ever take away…a wonderful memory.
I am currently battling a recurrence of cervical cancer with chemo and radiation. I am a stay at home mom and proud of myself on being able to do everything for my family, but treatment has made it difficult. Fortunately, I have many “pots of gold.”  My friends have rallied and scheduled out dinner duty. One friend arranged to have her house cleaner come to my home weekly (something I can’t afford). Their calls, visits and support are really keeping me up during my difficult times. They even provided me some “chemo hats” during me chemo and radiation sessions. What are Chemo Hats? For some who don’t know, they are are worn during chemo sessions to minimize hair fall and also a bit fun and glamorous to wear. I am really very thankful to them. I know none of them will see this, but I am eternally grateful and I love them dearly.
My pot of gold is my home with my family.
Today my “pot of gold” has to be my 7 year old, Kaliyah. I home school her and I generally do my house work around her school schedule. Mornings are busy with a 21 month old and my 12 and 16 year olds heading off to school. It seems that I live with 10 grown men and not 4 daughters with the mess they make DAILY! Ok, anyways, My 7 year old says to me today, “Mommy, it looks like you only have to work a half day today” I said “Why, don’t you see the mess from your baby sister, the kitchen from breakfast, the laundry, Mommy will be here all day!” so she replies, “No, Mom, I’m gonna help you so it will take half the time!” We are learning fractions and she literally cut my work in half in her mind LOL. I had to smile and hug her little chubby cheeked self for being so sweet and “helping” Mommy get the house in order.

Keep your pot of gold moments coming!!! What are you grateful for?

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