Walgreens Reese’s Summer Sweepstakes

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IMG_2971Well if you are a Reese’s fan, and feeling a little lucky then you may want to try this promo out.  When you buy 3 Reese’s products  at Walgreens you have the chance to win a $500.00 gift card or 1000 of other prizes.  My local Walgreens said they have had both a $50 and $200 so far (of course many non winners too).  This is a good week to try, because Reese’s are on sale this week with an instore coupon for $.49 each.

Once you pay a RR will print out telling you if you won or not, with a $.25 off coupon for  bag of Hershy’s Candy 8oz.  At my local store the cosmetics counter was not printing the RR, but all the other registers were?  So keep that in mind, if you try this at your local store.

For all the details you can click here

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