Walmart sale Starting 2/1, a sale you will not want to miss!

Thanks to Chad from the Mt. Home Walmart for passing along this thrifty deal!

Photos of an ad for the Boise valley, Ontario and Mt. Home Walmart stores. Super clearance ad with some great coupons, They will be handed out at the treasure valley Walmart stores starting on the 1st.

Part of the sale that is going to make that ad even better is that the Coats, Gloves, Hats and Scarves are already going to be 1/2 off of what they are marked. Then you will be able to match the coupons up with the coats you want and save even more. So a coat that is currently $20 will ring up as $10, then use the $5 off a $10 coat and get it for $5.
The coupon ads are a limit of 1 per customer. There are about 15,000 ads per store. That means that they could easily be all gone before February 3rd.

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