Watch Frozen TODAY (doesn’t come out till 3/18) you can watch it now… legally

Where to watch Frozen NOW!

where to watch frozen, Frozen on sale now

WOW the  Frozen disc is not available till March 18th but right now you can watch  Frozen (2013) [HD] $19.99 on amazon instant video. I know what my kids will be watching after school today!  And yes it is legal!!!!  Make sure you select the HD verson as the standard version is still not available till 3/18!  Grab yours then share with all your friends!

If you have a big family like mine, and a few friends over sure beat paying for it in the theater!

OR you can preorder and have the disc shipped right to your door for only $17.99 when it comes out on 3/18 information below…

disney frozen dvd

 Frozen just sent on sale for only $17.99 (was $29.99) plus ships FREE with prime. It comes out on video March 18th!

You can even pre-order  Frozen now for only $17.99 with the pre-order Price Guarantee! Order now and if the price decreases between your order time and the end of the day of the release date, you’ll receive the lowest price

My family loved the  Disney film Frozen  it was amazing we all loved it.  Tangled has been our favorite Dinsey film for many years but this one was right up there too, we will be watching it again and buying the dvd for sure. Lots of my friends have gone and all have great things to say about it too.

The music in this film is great as well, if you are looking for the soundtrack this is a great deal!

frozen disney soundtrack

Frozen soundtrack get the CD low as $14.02 or digital low as $11.49.


You can take advantage of FREE Shipping on many items with Prime and get it in two days… remember you can try prime for FREE for 30 days.  Try Prime for FREE!

Looking for More Online Deals?  Click here for more  THRIFTY DEALS. Please note that Amazon priced tend to change often so prices may be higher or lower without notice.

Thanks Fabulessly Frugal 


  1. I have felt HD quality while watching yesterday.
    This time I will give you simple step to downloading or watching.
    Guaranteed free from virus and guaranteed security file movie.
    You can feel unlimited speed when downloading here

    Hope this information helps you!
    Please enjoy this movie with friends or people you care about

  2. Yes… if you have a PARTY with lots of people it makes it a good deal.. but just one person I would wait for the disc

  3. Make sure you click on the one that’s $19.99, which is the HD version. The standard version isn’t available until 3/18 (which is $15).

  4. I got it! I’m excited! My husband and I are going to watch it tonight. We don’t even have kids! =)

  5. Oh, okay. I didn’t even click it before I posted. I assumed it was another link to watching it for free. I really want a hard copy of this, so I was looking forward to buying the DVD combo that comes with the digital copy.

  6. If I order it for the $19.99 streaming. Can we only watch it once or will the movie be available to us always.

  7. they released the HD digital format today – the disc isn’t available til march.

  8. You buy it digitally from Amazon. You will own it on your Amazon Cloud account.

  9. How is it legal? I’ve been avoiding watching it online because I don’t want to endorse piracy.

  10. It’s available to stream on Xbox Video as well for the same price, but also includes 40 minutes of bonus features.

  11. U can buy it on iTunes today, I told my husband to download it so we can watch it tonight after homework is done! Soooo excited!

  12. Only the $19.99 HD version is for right now… the standard $14.99 is still not available till the 18th

  13. YES I added links where you can preorder the DISC for $17.99 shipped to your door…but if you want it NOW this is an option

  14. I ordered it (digital copy only), it says I still have to wait until the 18th???

  15. That is exciting news for someone who doesn’t want a disc copy and wants to see it earlier than in March

  16. Same here Sarah! If you wait till the 18th you can get the DVD, blu ray and digital. I want to wait for that, but my daughter of course wants it now. I swear they do this on purpose to get more money. Lol

  17. Wish you could preorder the blu ray and stream it right away..I hate paying that much for only streaming 🙁

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