Ways to give back!

img_0307If you get the ” A Thrifty Mom Paper deal” and get multiple Sunday papers then you most likely have the same problem as I do.  Boxes of Paper,  they fill up fast.  I have not always recycled my papers, it takes extra time and is one more thing to add to my “to do” list.  But I always felt guilty about tossing them in the trash.  I use to take them to the Rite Aid parking lot, and toss them in the big recycle bins.

But then I found out from one of my readers Mary, that I can take them to the  Nampa recycling center and it will benefit the Ronald McDonald House in Boise. At the Caldwell United Metals, you can donate any used metal  and at the Nampa Western Recycling, you can donate not only metal but also newspaper, cardboard and white paper.  They  have accounts set up at both plants. All you have to do is tell the scale attendant the donation is for the Boise RMH.

You all know how I feel about the Ronald McDonald House, it is such a wonderful place.  Due to my sons health we have had to stay there in the past.  It is not easy to accept help from others, but greatly needed at that time in our lives.  It has been our goal to continue to give back as a way to say thank you.

So PLEASE do not toss  your papers, and other recyclable items in the trash….and help a child in need instead.  To read the post with other ways you can give back to RMH click here


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