What is that squeaking?

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So late last night I was sitting on the couch watching TV with my son Matthew. Sarah had just brought Matthew a Popsicle ( he was running a high fever)   an on her way back to her computer I heard a squeak. It sounded like a tennis shoe squeaking on a gym floor. I asked Sarah what that was and she said it must of been her shoes on our wood floor in the hall. She sat down and a few seconds later we heard it again. That time I knew exactly what it was, our smoke alarm was squeaking. With sick kids the last thing we wanted to do was run out into the snow storm and buy a battery.  But  Sarah did not have to leave home, instead just grab one from our battery “stockpile”  and we installed Rayovac Lithium powered battery. These are the best choice for long lasting lower power usage like smoke alarms.  If you need a power supply that will always be there when you need it – get Rayovac’s Lithium power.  These have a 10 year service life in smoke alarms.

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