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Each day we will be posting our readers “Pot of Gold”. At the end of the month, one of you will win a $25.00  Gift Card For all the details click here.

Ok, so compared to some this may seem piddly, but not long ago we started the Dave Ramsey “thing.” Part of his system is using cash envelopes, which we started doing last summer. When the cash in the envelope is gone, you are done spending. Simple as that. Some months there just isn’t enough for the “splurges” like fresh berries, as they can be a bit spendy. One month last summer, after telling my kids “no” for the gazillionth time, my husband showed up from work early carrying two big buckets of fresh blueberries that a customer dropped off to him to thank him for some work he had done. We had enough to freeze several bags full for later use, as well as eat a bunch fresh. What a treat. That day, I felt like our efforts to live within our means were affirmed. That one person, and those two buckets of berries were our pot of gold.
Amy B.
I’m lucky to be able to stay home and homeschool our 4 kids. I get to show them new things every day.
My pot of gold is filled with the other three couples in my couples bible study. We have cried with each other and laughed a bunch! We pray each day for each other. We have shared so much and learned from each other. I know that my husband and I feel so blessed to have this group in our lives. Our studies have brought my husband and I closer to each other and God. Plus, we enjoy having this adult time each week with some fantastic people!
Dina Young
As a Mom of three small children, I can say without hesitation that my number one MISSON in life is to be the BEST person I can be for my family. Everything I have done from the moment Cole, Lance, and Chase entered my world has been because of them. My courage, strength, faith and love have all been super-sized from the very first moment I held each of them in my arms. Not a moment goes by in my existence that I don’t push myself harder because of my FAMILY. I exercise because I need to be healthy to raise children in my 40?s and 50?s, I take full advantage of “mommy time” when given the opportunity because it makes me a better mother; and I’ve spent money on therapy to help get over taunting childhood memories. I’m not embarrassed to admit all of these things. Why? Because in the end of the day, my POT OF GOLD has 30 dirty little fingers reaching up to hug me. Ahhh…unconditional love is my POT OF GOLD…always!

Keep your pot of gold moments coming!!! What are you grateful for?

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