What is wrong with the Cutter coupon?

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cutterI have been getting a lot of emails about the $2 off Cutter coupon from this Sundays smart source.  It says it is good for any Cutter Product but it does exclude Fleas and Tick products.  This makes for some Thrifty deals, in fact you can get the little bottle for Free at Walgreens, click here for the details.  But here is the problem I have tired to use this coupon at 2 different stores and the coupon WILL NOT SCAN…it beeps and says the product is not found.  At first I thought it was just beeping because it was for the little bottle.  So I grabbed a normal full size bottle and it still beeped.  The Cashier and I tried EVERY cutter product in the store and it would not work on any of them.  The manager went ahead and manually put the coupon in and let me use it.  But here is the problem not all manager will do this, most of them have the rule if the coupon beeps they will not let you use it.

SO I called the Cutter company and told them of the problem, I am still waiting for a reply back. I will let you know what they say if I hear from them.   Have any of you had trouble with this coupon on Cutter Products?

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