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Megan H

I am thankful that even though I have to return to work on monday, after fourth months of maternity leave, that I only have to go back part time and that my husband will be home while I am gone so that we don’t have to put all three of our kiddos in daycare.

March 1st, 2011 at 4:14 pm · Edit
Well life has been a bit Challenging since last November. I work part time like less than 10 hours a week. But this story has shook my whole family. My last living great grandmother is dying with stage 5 Kidney failure and congestive heart failure. In Nov. 2010, my mother got a phone call asking if she could come and take care of my great grandmother. M-F She thought about it and prayed about it. I was screaming no because my mom would be 1 hour and 30 minutes away in one direction. That meant that I had to cook, clean, work, get the mail, grocery shop when she couldn’t come home. I didn’t want her to go at all. I have a brother and a dad that honestly needs a maid plus myself. lol So as of March 2011, we are still on the same road as of November 2010 except gas prices are higher, and we don’t think she’ll be living at the end of March. God only knows her time! I just knew there would be blessings out of my mother going down to take care of my great grandmother I just didn’t realize how many. I always looked at the glass 1/2 empty, I was always overwhelmed and didn’t want to do anything but feel sorry for myself because momma was gone out of town and I just couldn’t do it all. Well one month after momma being out of town I made To Do Lists for the whole week. What I needed to get accomplished and what the men needed to do to help. Well lets just say to do list thing worked for a while but now throw it out the window because no one does what’s on the to do list. The house goes sometimes but now I look at the glass being 1/2 full. Momma my be out of town but if that were me laying in the bed dying I would want someone to do it for me. I also have a lot more time off of work here lately and I can think about things. As I look back over the last few month I see how much God has blessed us, kept us safe, and some parts of our stock pile are overflowing. We can’t help some circumstances but we have to cope and make the best of them. Some days are still hard on me but I look at what a blessing it is and I try not to focus all on the negative. So my daily pot of gold is taking one day at a time and not letting something so small overwhelm me in things that are beyond my control. I also trust and believe God will helps us in these rough times.


A couple of weeks ago our car broke down. We have three kids and it is the only vehicle that we have that will comfortably fit all three kids in it. Our mechanic told us that it would cost more than our car is worth to fix it because the labor is so extensive. We can not afford to put the money into it to fix it nor can we afford another car payment right now. We decided to sell it for parts, but soon realized we would only get about $400-$500 for it. This certainly is not enough to turn around and buy a reliable car to drive our family around in. We were stuck between a rock and hard place and did not know what we were going to do. A co-worker brought to my attention that one of the highschools in our school district has a class where students are learning to work on cars. He said that we could take our car in and all the labor would be free, all we pay for are the parts (which are at wholesale cost). They are supervised by their teacher who is a certified mechanic the whole time they are working on the car. We were so grateful to learn about this. Not only will we have our car back, but everything will be fixed for a fraction of what it would have cost us at a shop.

Keep your pot of gold moments coming!!! What are you grateful for?

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