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My pot of gold has been very empty since I lost my job six months ago. I went to church, something that I rarely did in the past, however, they were talking about religion being about charity, giving and helping others. I went home and gathered up what I could find to donate. Giving made me feel good for days, that is my “pot of gold” right now.
After hearing and reading and seeing pictures of all the destruction happening in Japan right now, it makes me so grateful I have my family here with me, food to eat, and a place to call home and that we are all safe. I can’t even imagine the terror thoes people are feeling, their homes, and maybe even families are gone. It make everything else that goes wrong in our lives so small. Life can change so quickly and we take too many things for granted, Hopefully we can reach out and help others more and remember thae small and simple blessings in our daily lives, and pray to our Heavenly Father to be with thoes dear people in Japan who need so much comfort and help at this time.
Heather H
My pot of is gold is my family. They can always make me smile…even when I’m feeling grumpy. Just the other morning, my 6-year old son said to me, “Mom, you smell good.” I looked at him and asked, “Reall?” And, he replied, “You smell like ‘Mom,’ so you always smell good.” What a sweetheart! He made my week! :)


Keep your pot of gold moments coming!!! What are you grateful for?

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