Q&A: New to Couponing


I stumbled across your website while searching “how to use coupons”. I usually end up behind someone like yourself in the checkout line and I watch in amazement as they push away their full cart for only $20.00 or the store owing them. I am coupon illiterate. Couponing looks complicated and overwhelming, especially to get started. Thank you for your “Coupon 101?! I am clipping the coupons from my first paper and hoping to put together a coupon binder like yours, but I have a few questions for you…

1.) How do you file away coupons specific to a store? Example: I have a Fred Meyer coupon for $2.00 off (2) Axe products. Would you file that in with Personal Care-Deodorant or in your clear sheet protector for Fred Meyer?

2.) You use photo sheets to store the coupons. Do you insert all “Dry Pasta” coupons in one photo spot or do you distribute the coupons out one coupon per spot so that you are able to view every coupon?

3.) How do you keep your coupon book up to date so it isn’t filled with expired coupons?

4.) Some stores advertize “Mix and Match 10, Save $5 instantly”. If I bought 20 in one purchase, would I save $10 instantly or would I have to go through the line twice?

Sorry to bombard you with questions, but I appreciate the work you’ve done to make couponing simpler for people like me! Thanks!


Welcome to our site and we hope hope it will be a daily stop to your savings journey! FIRST let me say getting your coupons in order is something that will take a little “tweaking” till you find a system that works best for you.  Everyone thinks or works a little different when it comes to coupon organization….the main goal is just to do what works best for you.

1.) Specific store coupons I keep in a clear plastic page protector in the front of my coupon binder. I also keep a copy of the stores coupon policy and any catalinas I may have for that store.

2.) I keep several coupons in one pocket…. but I know most people like to limit it to one coupon per pocket so you can always see what you have.

3.) I keep my coupon binder up to date.  Each week as I add the new coupons I glance at the dates of the existing coupons in my binder.  If they are going to expire that week I pull them.  If I have not had the chance to match that coupon with a sale…then I still have time to use it on an item I need, and still save ( just not as much as I would if I was able to combine a sale and a coupon)

4.)  Each promotion is a little different.  It is best to read the fine print….. but normally if it is a catalina or Register Reward deal it will say “spend $20 or more”  meaning only one catalina will print.  BUT for  an instant savings promo like the one this week at Albertsons… as long as you buy items in groups of 10, $5 will  come off each time.

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