What is your time worth?

A few days ago I did a post on how to get boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.29 a pound.  To read that post click here.  The catch to getting it at such a low price is you have to buy it in a 40 pound box.   It is frozen in 4 large bags, the chicken will all be stuck together.  MAKE SURE you look in the box to make sure yours is in 4 separate bags.  My friend got one and all 4 bags had spilled and froze together in one solid mass.  
I was not so sure I wanted to mess with all that frozen chicken.  So I split a box with my friend Eden.  We were both so happy with our chicken we decided to split another box yesterday.  Once again I just pulled my 2 frozen chicken bags out and let them thaw just enough, so I could pull it apart.  The first box was frozen solid at a rock and took almost 12 hours  to thaw.  My box yesterday was ready to cut up in just a few hours.  Once I started to cut and bag it, It took me about 30 mins start to finish.  I have to admit I gagged a few times…..I hate raw, fatty, chicken.


I would much rather buy my chicken all pretty, and hand trimmed….
  I price checked 3 stores yesterday and hand trimmed chicken runs about $4.50 a pound.  If you can afford it go for it,  but there is no way I can pay that much. 

I paid $53.00 for my 40 pounds of chicken at $1.29 a pound plus tax. 
If I was to buy 40 pounds of hand trimmed chicken it would cost $180.00
Being that I had to trim it myself I had to cut off about 4 pounds of fat, it took me an hour  between both boxes.  By doing the work myself I saved $127.00 for an hours worth of work.  When I look at it this way, I have to say it was WELL worth my time.  
Now that is a THRIFTY deal

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