What to buy your Thrifty wife???

christmas pigRick sent me this question, (so sweet that he would even think to ask)

Our family loves your site. My wife loves couponing.  I was wondering if you had any ideas on what I can get her for Christmas that would make shopping experience easier?  I would be grateful for any tips.

If I was  new to couponing these would be on the top of my wish list:

A coupon binder- These come in many different sizes, to see the one I use click here. Being an organized coupon shopper is one of the keys to success.   I know many of you have a hard time finding the inserts, for the coupon binder.  One of my readers found them on the Hobby Lobby website, you can use this coupon and get them 40% off.

Multiple Sunday Papers–  If you want coupons, then you will want more than one Sunday paper.  Most ares do not offer this deal.  But if you happen to be local you can get   the A Thrifty Mom with the Idaho Press Tribune deal click here with the Press Tribune….you will be able to get multiple Sunday papers or the Thrifty Mom deal with the Idaho Statesman.

Shelves–  Yes once you get those coupon deals you will need a good place to start your stock pile.  Which may mean clearing out a spot in your closet, garage or even putting up new shelves.

Support–  Shopping with coupons is not the “normal” way to shop.  It can take a bit longer, and may mean shopping at odd hours to get the deals.  Or bringing home 6 months worth of shampoo, dental floss and canned soup, instead of the steak your hubby asked for dinner.  Not all husbands (or wives) support this way of shopping, or having a food storage.  The simple gesture of  being supportive, and understanding of your wifes effort to save your family money is priceless.

What thrifty gift ideas can you share with Rick I would love to hear them!

This may have been  a better question for Matt to answer?  Poor Matt has a heck of a time figuring out what to get me every year.  He doesn’t have a “normal wife” (haa haa haa) that wants handbags, jewelry and fancy lotion.  I am much to practical for things like that.  The first thing I want every year is a debt free holiday season. I feel it is important to teach my children ( and myself)  that Christmas can be enjoyed weather big or small.  It is more about tradition, family and the joy the season brings.  Buying things we want (even if it is to give to others) but can not afford never bring me happiness.  Sure I may feel the instant high, from a fun new purchase but the burden of debt over shadows that high.

This year I asked Matt to put all my home videos on a hard drive so I can watch them with the kids.  That is really the main thing I wanted. It  is FREE, it will just take some time to get them all transfered.  If I was to ask for things that did cost money they would most likely be things to move our home remodel along. Or new snow boots since mine “sprung a leak” this week…..( darn things were only a year old).

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