What to do with Swiss Chard?

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I have had a lot of questions asking  what I do with the Veggies from the garden.  Asking if I really eat it….. Seemed like a silly question.  What else would I do with it?  But I figured I would show you all how I have been eating swiss chard since I was a little girl.


You need to give it a good cold bath in the sink.  Swirl it around with your hand to get any dirt or bugs off. The swiss chard will float on top of the water and the dirt will sink to the bottom.


I then take each leaf and rinse it by hand, to make sure no dirt is hiding. Once clean set aside.


In a large pot, you can either boil it or steam it.  I prefer to steam it, put about 2 inches of water in the bottom of the pot and  them place your steamer rack in the bottom.


Place all your Swiss Chard in, it seems like a lot but will cook down to almost nothing.


Place lid on pan and steam about 5 min till tender.


I then take the steamer out and squeeze it closed to get rid of any liquid.


You are then left with a green blob…looks like bad science experiment (lol)  but it is very yummy!

Stir in butter, salt and pepper.  Top with butter and enjoy!  May not be for everyone but we sure like it!


Do you like swiss chard, and how do you eat it?

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