Where to find the Milk and Cheese Printable Coupons ~ Money Savings Tip

I taught a coupon class on Tuesday night to a group of ladies at a local church.  I told them you can coupon and save money on many different levels… some will go all out and coupon at several stores.  Others will shop as normal but just add one or two coupons to each trip… it may not seem like a lot but even a $5 savings per week = $20 a month = $240 a year.  That could be put towards a family trip, professional family photo, college funds… so many things $240 could be used for.

So one of the easiest ways to save is to print coupons for item you already have on your shopping list.  You can look for coupons by name on our Coupon Database or you can check out Coupons.com and see what is listed, or tune into our site daily and we will try and keep you up to date on all the hottest printable coupons.

If you live in Idaho or Utah you will be happy to know that (normally) each month we get printable coupons for $.75-$1.00 off any brand of milk or any brand of cheese.  Really this is such an easy way to save!  They are normally listed the first day/week of the month and run out of prints by the 2nd week.  Then they are refreshed (which means you can print them again) the next month.  You can print 2 per computer in your home.

To find these coupons head to Coupons.com ( remember if you use our links, you help support our site)

In the zip code bar on the top left type in an Idaho or Utah zip ( I used 83605)

Then you can narrow your search by clicking on the Food category on the left side bar.

You can print your coupon, select a few more because you can print 3 per page, and this saves paper and ink because sometimes if you only print one, a big ad will print on the bottom of the page as well.

You can then come back and print them again, often they will be found on the vary last page on your second print.

Once you have printed a coupon 2 times it will show up on the very last page highlighted in blue, and say that the print limit has been reached.

Simple as that… you are on your way to saving money on the items you already buy.

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