Why I wait to use my coupons.

Why I save my coupons and wait for a sale!

If you have read my coupons 101 post, you know that I clip coupons, and then wait to use them on a sale.  Most people get the coupons on Sunday, flip through the insert clip one or two that you want.  Then throw the rest away.  You then use that coupon that week and are able to save a dollar or two and are happy with that.   But I have learned to clip that coupon, then wait for a great sale and not only save $1 but get that item half price, or possibly FREE.
I wanted to make a point of this with the  Garnier Fructis coupon.  These coupons came out last month they were good for a month and a half they expire on 3/15/09. I have had these about 5 weeks now.  If I would have used these the same week they came out I  would have gone to the store, paid about $3 for my shampoo, use the $1 coupon.  I would have been able to get my shampoo for $2 a good deal.   But I waited to use my coupon, and this week Walgreens ran a sale and the shampoo was only .99 cents, This is the perfect time to use my coupon, which made it FREE!
Just because you have a coupon does not mean you should use the coupon,  wait for the coupon to combine with a sale.  Making  an ok deal a SUPER THRIFTY sale.

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