Winco updated coupon policy… no more overage

I have told you before that one of the hardest parts to couponing is keeping up to date with coupon policy’s for each store.  We try hard to keep you informed of changes to make your shopping trips easy as possible.

Looks like Winco just updates their coupon policy, the two main changes I see, they no longer allow overage and you can not pay with mass cuts, a huge stack of coupons that all have the same cut marks.  Normally this is if you have 10 or more of the same coupon… but ask you local stores for more details.

  • No cash back for coupons with a higher value than the item’s purchase price
  • No mass-cut coupons

For the Current Winco deals at the Nampa location click here, over 100 deals listed.

What is your coupon policy?

WinCo Foods gladly accepts manufacturer’s coupons where all the following apply:

  1. The coupon has a valid barcode that can be scanned into our system,
  2. The item is in stock,
  3. Restrictions and requirements listed on the coupon are met. This includes but is not limited to: quantities (minimum required and maximum allowed), sizes, brand names, product variety, expiration dates, and store location.
  4. The coupon(s) is not a result of coupon “stacking,” “doubling,” etc. (*1* coupon per item limit)

*WinCo Foods reserves the right to deny any coupon at any time.
WinCo Foods Coupon Policy

  • We do not double or triple coupons; WinCo has a one(1) coupon per item limit. If a coupon has been used with an item, no other coupon may be used with that item and no other item may benefit from that coupon
  • WinCo Foods does not accept competitor’s coupons
  • All coupons must scan properly
  • Coupons must be presented along with the item purchased
  • No cash back for coupons with a higher value than the item’s purchase price
  • No mass-cut coupons
  • No photocopied or visibly altered coupons
  • Customer is responsible for all sales tax
  • Coupons cannot be purchased, sold or transferred

For the full list click this link.