Winco VS. Albertsons….readers tips

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Thanks to Allison for doing all the leg work, and putting these thrifty tips and pricing together.  On a side note, last I knew my Winco still takes internet coupons.   But I know every store or location can be a little different.  You can find a good deal at just about any store, it comes down to watching prices, matching coupons and buying at the lowest price.  So for me it comes down to where I enjoy to shop, and where I am treated best.  Thanks again Allison this info is great!


I went shopping at Albertsons last night. I got curious to compare the prices to the store I default to if I don’t have something stocked up: Winco. (I’m in Boise.) I needed a few things anyway, so while I was at Winco this afternoon, I wrote down their prices on my receipt from last night. Is it worth shopping sales and coupons at stores versus just always going to the “low-cost leader?”

My Albertsons Receipt looked like this:

Arm&Hammer Liquid Detergent, 50 oz $6.69
Less Preferred Savings (4.20)
Total: $2.49

Bounty Paper Towel $1
(one roll, on clearance)
Less MFR coupon (.25)
Less Round Up (.75)
Total: Free!

Darigold Sour Cream $2.29
Less Preferred Savings (.29)
Less MFR coupon (.40)
Less Round Up (.60)
Total: $1

International Delux Creamer, 16 oz $2.39
Less Preferred Savings (.50)
Less MFR coupon (.55)
Less Round Up (.45)
Total: $.89

Breyers Ice Cream $6.39
Less Preferred Savings (3.89)
Total: $2.50

Pork Ribs 2.2 lbs @$3.99/lb $8.78
Less Preferred Savings of 2.99/lb (2.20)
Total: $6.58

Chicken Breasts 3.88 lbs @$1.99/lb $7.74

Red Globe Grapes 1.88 lbs @$1.99/lb $3.74
Less Preferred Savings of .99/lb (1.88)
Total: $1.86

Total: 23.06
Tax: 1.46
TOTAL: 24.52

At Winco, this is what the transaction would have looked like. Some coupons are missing because they were internet coupons. Winco does not take internet coupons. Also, if the exact product size wasn’t available, the prices are calculated on a per unit basis. (Both the Bounty and Creamer only came in larger packages.)

Arm&Hammer Liquid Detergent, 150 oz $7.97
or $.053/oz
Total for 50 oz: $2.65

Bounty Paper Towels $9.98 for 8 rolls
or $1.25 per roll
Less MFR coupon (.25)
Total: $1

Darigold Sour Cream $1.38

International Delux Creamer, 32 oz $2.78
or $.087/oz
Total for 16 oz: $1.39

Breyers Ice Cream $2.98

Pork Ribs 2.2 lbs @$3.98/lb $8.76

Chicken Breasts 3.88 lbs @$2.68/lb $10.40

Red Grapes 1.88 lbs @$.99/lb $1.86

Total: 30.42
Tax: 1.83
TOTAL: 32.25

I realize that sales at different stores may fall on different weeks, but I wanted to do an apples to apples look at the same purchases at different stores. As you can see, I saved almost $8 by shopping sales and coupons at Albertsons over Winco.


  1. I’ll take Albertsons over Winco anyday. Albertsons has a wider variety of products & I shop sales – so it’s usually cheaper than Winco or the same price. Winco’s regular prices are pretty normal for our area (no savings worth going over there that I’ve seen). I don’t like all the limitations to only huge brand names – Winco doesn’t carry those specialty brands & specialty products at all. We have Walmart, Alberstons, Winco, Big Lots, Aldis, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, Market Street and Kroger all on 1 street. From Walmart to Kroger (the last store) it’s 4 miles if that. That’s a ton of competition for such a tiny area. I hope that the stupid Winco takes biz from nasty Walmart & not Alberstons!! I get such great, great deals at Albertsons & they have the best employees of anywhere. They have the best beef in town there… tried a Winco steak once & it was as nasty as Walmart’s steak. I like my steak a la natural – so I taste the difference and notice the texture unlike those who marinate, tenderize, etc. their steaks.

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