Women’s Knit Leg Warmers/Leggings On Sale ONLY $4.26 (reg. $12.99) Shipped ~ Comes in 5 different colors!

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Sanwood LeggingsWomen’s Winter Knit Leg Warmers Legging 5 Colors

Keep your legs warm this fall and winter with these knit leg warmers.

Only $4.26 a pair (reg. $12.99) these leg warmers are a great deal! Plus you get FREE shipping!


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  1. Leggings in various forms and
    under various names have been worn for warmth and protection by both men and
    women throughout the centuries. The separate hose worn by men in Europe from the 13th to
    16th centuries (the Renaissance period) were a form of leggings, as
    are the trews of the Scottish Highlands Separate leggings
    of buckskin leather were worn by some Native
    Americans  These were adopted by some
    Long Hunters, French fur trappers, and later by mountain men They are the leatherstockings of
    L eatherstocking Tales The Buckskins, were mostly a dull grey brain-tan not the bright, glossy vegetable tanned leather commonly used today.
    wore leggings of buckskin to protect from chapping caused by riding, wear and
    tear to their pants, and bites from animals, such as snakes or insects in the
    scruff, such as ticks.In many
    places, especially in colder countries such as Russia or Korea  men and women continued to wear wool leggings
    into modern times, often as an additional outer layer for warmth.The
    linen pantalettes worn by girls and women under crinolines in the mid-19th century were also a
    form of leggings, and were originally two separate garments. Leggings became a
    part of fashion in the 1960s, as trousers similar to the capris pants but much tighter. Fashion
    designer Patricia Field claimed, while advertising on the Home Shopping Network, that she
    invented the modern leggings for women in the late 1970s / early 1980s.
    schultzy @  http://9thelm.com/

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