Womens Knitted Nordic Insulated Leggings 64% off ~ Amazon Sale

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 Womens Knitted Nordic Insulated Leggings 

leggings fleece lined, right now on sale and shipped right to your door.  I WANT THESE too cute

 Womens Knitted Nordic Insulated Leggings  64% off priced at just $7.25 plus $2.99 shipping, makes them $10.24 shipped right to your door.  I admit I am a little chicken when it comes to wearing bold patterns like this but I see so many cute outfit with them it makes me want a pair.  Heck if anything they will make for comfortable PJ’s lol.

  • Material: 70% Cotton / 30% Spandex
  • Comfortable cotton-spandex leggings add warmth and style to your winter ensemble
  • Nordic leggings feature simple winter prints to enhance your outfit with elegance and fashion
  • Pair these leggings with your favorite dress, skirt, or tunic for an effortlessly sexy look
  • Length: 36 in (91.4 cm); Waist: 24 – 28 in (61 – 71.1 cm)
  • Package Contents: 1 x Nordic Cotton Leggings

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  1. They are so cute under a skirt and while I know that is how they are supposed to be worn I saw a woman in a pair as pants today… Totally not flattering people!!!!

  2. Gross, especially when worn as pants, especially when the stripes don’t line up! So cheap looking. Under a little mini or oversized sweater cute with boots, cute.

  3. Newest trend for those folks who have been made famous on “PeoplewhoshopWalmart.com) lol

  4. For the record, I copied and pasted this line out of the ad on Amazon…they are not INTENDED to be worn as pants…”Pair these leggings with your favorite dress, skirt, or tunic…”

  5. Cute, but not AS PANTS! Under a skirt, yes. With a long t shirt or tunic, yes. As PANTS, gross! Honestly!

  6. Cute if used with a large sweater or under a plain skirt. When used as this ad GROSSS.

  7. um I think if you wore them with a skirt or sweater dress they’d be cute. Not by themselves yuck

  8. They are butt ugly (literally) when worn like in the photo, but they look WARM.

  9. Saw a high school girl coming out of school the other day with a pair of similar pants on. Gross. Yeah you might have the body but you need to wear something to cover you butt and front. It’s one thing if you are at the gym or working out but for school or out in public, way to tacky. Can’t stand to see every little crevice.

  10. I think they’re curr if worn the right way..like with a dressy long sweater..js

  11. My hubby calls leggings “gynelogical” pants because you can see everything. I hate when women don’t realize this and don’t cover their butt.

  12. super cute with something long over it! going to pick some up for my 16 year old

  13. Leggins, regardless of design, are meant to be worn with a long shirt to cover your girlie parts. I am disgusted that girls and women now a days wear them with short little shirts leaving little to the imagination.

  14. Cute! …and if u wear them out please wear a longer butt-covering top of:)

  15. Cute, but ONLY if you wear a shirt long enough to cover your bottom !!! Tired of seeing folks not wearing them properly. GROSS !!!

  16. I really love them. But, I’ll just say, if you’re over 40 in either age or pounds overweight…just don’t do it. 😉

  17. Cute for little girls and teens. Not so much for moms with some pudge. 🙁

  18. I think they are cute. For me, my BOB (Big Ole Butt) wouldn’t look so cute in them. However, w/a long shirt and some boots, I might could pull it off.

  19. yes I would wear these in a heart beat with a long sweater or tunic over them I believe leggings should have a label that say should not be worn as pants! no matter how skinny you are your shirt needs to cover your butt to look good with leggings

  20. I agree about the long top & boots. Leggings look good on people IF worn with the right top. 🙂

  21. I thought these were terribly ugly until I saw a woman wearing some yesterday. She was curvy, and they looked really cute on her. I still don’t know if they’re for me, but they can look good when paired with a long top and boots.

  22. Looks like the horrible stretchy cotton pants parents put on kids in the 90’s

  23. Not for me!!! The palazzo pants in wakeful patterns seem to be in here… Yuck

  24. NO! And it looks like I didn’t miss anything. LOL They are mad ugly! LOL

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