Would you take a Snuggie on a plane ~ I WOULD!!!

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On my last big trip  with layovers I would be traveling for 13 hours.  Matt told me to take my Snuggie because I am always cold.  I just looked at him… have you lost your mind?  I am a grown woman I am not going to cart my Snuggie Blanket with me …. Who does that?  Well that morning I woke up and saw that Matt had put my Snuggie right by my bag, it was a chilly morning so I swallowed my pride and tucked it into my bag.

Well let me be the first to say I WAS WRONG and my HUSBAND WAS RIGHT! Bringing my Snuggie was amazing, I was nice a warm on my flight. I was great for my layovers too! I was able to move my arms freely and still stay warm. Pretty sure I am going to bring it with me EVERY time I travel from now on!   After all what do I care if total strangers see me wrapped up in a Snuggie.  I may even bring it to the movies with me, I always get cold there too!

I admit I use to make fun of the dumb commercials and say “who would buy those dumb things”… Well I guess I DO 🙂

Do you have a Snuggie, do you like it?

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