You might be able to save Kyle’s life~ see if you are a match

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I posted this in December but wanted to remind you that SO MANY people are waiting for the life saving gift of bone marrow, please think about taking this simple swab of your cheek.

We have shared with you before our feeling about organ donation the priceless gift to save another.  Well bone marrow donation is also a priceless gift, and can save anothers life.

Sweet little  Kyle needs a bone marrow transplant. His match will most likely be found in someone who is half-Asian, half-Caucasian. They are currently unable to find a match for him out of the 9 million registered bone marrow donors. That’s why your help is needed – to spread the word that people can easily be testedwith a simple swab of the cheek (you can request a test kit by mail). Giving the gift of life is the most precious gift of all – so please help find Kyle’s bone marrow match.

Kyle we will keep posting your story until we find you a match...  We do not know you, but I can only pray someone else would do the same for my sweet little ones!

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