Zaycon Foods ~ Money Saving Idea On Meat coast to coast

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If you are looking  for  a  money saving idea on meat then  Zaycon Foods is something you will want to sign up for.  Sign up is FREE and no commitment they will just send you an email next time they are in your area with delivery’s.  They sell everything from chicken, bacon, hamburger, honey and now even sea food.

The catch is you are buying in bulk by the case, like the boneless skinless chicken 1 box is 40 pounds of chicken. But because you buy in bulk  the prices are super low like $1.43 a lb… and the quality is amazing.  All my friends have been telling me I need to get on board the Zaycon deals for over a year now.
Once you register, they will send you emails when the next delivery is in your area.  Telling you what the product will be, where to pick it up and when. Plus they have a referral program tell your friends and get a$1 Zaycon foods credit for each person you refer.
So if you live in any of the continental states, now is the time to stock up on your chicken!

Register NOW at Zaycon Foods.
Watch your inbox for an email to let you know exactly when and where Zaycon will be in your town.

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