Zero Waste Produce Bags

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Zero Waste Produce Bags

These Zero Waste Produce Bags make it easy to be a little more gentle on the environment and reduce your own plastic consumption. This 15pk is on sale with a coupon you can use!

Order HERE —-> Set of 15 Zero Waste Produce Bags Reusable Mesh Bags with Drawstring Toggle Closure, Colorful Tare Weight Tags, 3 Sizes

  • One more step closer to an ecofriendly zero waste lifestyle and cuts plastic bag use in a convenient way; with set of 15, you’d be able to get all your herbs/veggies/fruit in one trip with bags to spare. They are easy to open and close with drawstring toggle closure; 3 sizes from small to large fits everything from little limes to giant bundles of kale; toss several bags into a ball and put it in your purse, so that you always have bags for unplanned shopping
  • Resuable mesh bags are made of ultra fine yet strong mesh polyester, the bag is super lightweight that it won’t add weight to your produce, it is nearly transparent so you can easily see through the bag to know what’s inside, also the mesh keeps the tags visible so that you’ll never have an issue with the cashier not being able to see the item numbers during grocery shopping
  • Breathable mesh produce bags helps to keep your fruits and veggies fresh longer in the fridge, unlike when you keep your produces in plastic, they tends to get slimy and nasty in your fridge; instead they dry out eventually with our mesh bags, thus keeps your fridge clean and smelling better.
  • Colorful drawstrings and tags help to keep you more organized, yellow is Large, green is Medium, and red is Small, just take one from the bundle easily by its color and you have the correct bag to use; BPA Free and FOOD CONTACT SAFE, made in a facility free from harmful manufacturing chemicals with the highest standards of quality, SAFELY hold all your fresh produce,fruits and veggies for your grocery trips.
  • Easy to clean, not easy to stain unlike cotton mesh bags and if something gets a little gross on them, just rinse it with water or wash them with the rest of your laundry, then they are good to go again, no problem!

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