Clothes Pin Butterfly ~ Easy, Fun, Snack Idea

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by Tami

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Clothes Pin Butterfly ~ Easy, Fun, Snack Idea

I love to stick a small surprise in my kids’ lunchboxes sometimes.  Usually it’s just a note, but occasionally its a small package of candy.  I have 2 boys and 1 girl so I really didn’t want these to be too feminine.  My boys are all about bugs, monsters and basically everything my daughter isn’t!  I think that by using the bright striped washi tape and the yellow m&ms this isn’t going to embarrass the boys when they open their lunch box in front of their friends, but the heart for the mouth gives it enough pink and sparkle to let my daughter enjoy it too! I used washi tape again and love it.  The best thing about using washi tape is that there are so many options to fit so many different tastes and personalities.   Get creative, and make these little butterflies so they work for you!

You will need:

Clothes pins

washi tape

googly eyes

fun size bagged candy


clothes pin butterfly,   #thriftycraft, #easycraft,#clothespin, #washitape, #butterfly, #Valentine, #snack, #Lunchbox snack idea,#candy, #googlyeyes,

Begin by covering your clothes pin in washi tape.  It should be pretty close to the same width.  You may have to press it down on the sides a little.  Press it down firmly so it sticks well.  Glue on your eyes at the very top of your clothes pin.  Up on the opening side.  I found some pink, heart gems I had already that I used for the mouth.  They looked cute without them.  Or you could draw one on with sharpie too.

Grab your bag of candy and make a bow tie shape out of it, pushing the candy on both sides, so that it is somewhat even.  I twisted mine once to make sure it wouldn’t lose it’s shape.  Now place your clothes pin on the middle of the bag of candy.

clothes pin butterfly,   #thriftycraft, #washitape, #easycraft,#clothespin, #butterfly, #Valentine, #snack, #Lunchbox snack idea,#candy, #googlyeyes,

That is it!  These would be great party favors, lunchbox treats, or just for a fun surprise.  The best part is that if you save the clothes pin you can use them again!

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clothes pin butterfly, #Lunchbox snack idea,  #thriftycraft, #easycraft,#clothespin, #washitape, #butterfly, #Valentine, #snack, #candy, #googlyeyes,

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