Easy Minecraft Inspired Costumes ~ DIY (last minute costume ideas)

10/24/2016 6:00 am · 8 comments

by Tami

Easy Minecraft Inspired Costumes, #easy, #diy, #halloweencostumes, #quick costumes

Easy Minecraft Inspired Costumes~DIY

Looking for an easy, quick and thrifty Halloween costume?  Does your child love Minecraft as much as mine?  Well then you are in luck!

These costumes were easy and just required a little patience to put together.

For “Steve” (That is the main character’s name on Minecraft) I started making my own head out of paper and a box.  It was awful.  Didn’t look like him nearly as much as I would’ve liked.  Not to mention that my son hated it! ( Thankfully he was gentle on my feelings and didn’t say it quite like that ;). )  So I had to find a plan B.  I found this printable here.  I would recommend taking it to a print shop to get high quality prints and so you don’t waste your ink! Get it printed on thick photo paper, or cardstock.  Once I had my head put together  TIP: allow yourself some time.  The ends of my prints were cut off so some of the pieces were shorter then they should’ve been so it took some playing around to get it attached just right.  Use glue (I used Mod Podge so I could brush it on how I wanted it,  and get a good hold) to attach your pieces.

That website also has a link to some tools for your Minecraft character to carry around.  We chose the pick ax that he posted here.  We found this incredibly confusing to put together, if you do too, in his comments is a link to a you tube video he made with detailed directions.  It helped a lot!  Put on a blue shirt, jeans and grab your pick ax and they are ready to go!

Minecraft costume, #easy, quick, #costume, #halloween

My next son wanted to be a ghast.  Yes a ghast.  Apparently they aren’t called ghost like I thought they were.  I found a square box.  Everything in the Minecraft world is cubes.  I covered the box in white butcher paper.  Wrapping paper or craft paper would also work.

For him I cut a large hole on the top of the box for his head.  You don’t want it to be so big that it falls off of their shoulders.  Also cut 2 holes in the sides for arms.  I used round lids for my patterns and a box knife to cut them out with.  For extra protection from getting ripped, I put clear packing tape around the openings, just to help keep them protected from being ripped.   After all, kids aren’t know for being gentle on things!

Black paper would work for the face, but I used scraps of vinyl that I had.  Electrical tape would also work great!  Add some white streamers to the bottom, a white shirt underneath, and your little ghast is ready to go!

Minecraft ghast costume. #easy, #quick, #halloween costumes

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Maribel Magana
Maribel Magana

i keep seeing ppl on my page w their kids dressed up in these ppl.. who are they????

Jackie Murphy
Jackie Murphy

Matt Neist see we could have made a better costume

Edna Ward
Edna Ward

Should have done those lol so much easier then what I did

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