1 tool separates your legos the easy way

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Lego separator tool Get one here 

I wish I had known about this handy tool a long time ago. It would’ve saved some broken nails and using a dangerous butter knife to pry apart LEGO’s that didn’t want to come apart.

It doesn’t just separate two bricks that are stuck together, but also helps to slide out the little gear pieces that don’t always want to come apart too.

Styles vary.

Add more fun to your already existing Lego set, Explore the Possibilities

Small Parts not for children under 5, Choking Hazard for children under 3

For Children Ages: 5+

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  1. True, some sets have them. We only have one but if you have several kids building or lose one it’s good to have more. Could be a stocking stuffer.

  2. If you buy a bigger Lego kit, they give you one of these. Phoebe has 2 or 3 of them.

  3. Kelli Linke, for Logan. I need to get one for Kip. Tired of him using his teeth, or my finger nails breaking from trying to pull them apart.

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