10 Fun Lunch Box Ideas

10 Fun Lunch Box Ideas

We’ve got a solid few months left of school and the ole pb & j isn’t quite as enticing as it once was. It’s Katie! My kids sometimes like to eat hot lunch but today was mini corn dogs and they both made this awful face when I told them about it. Lol. So it was a packed lunch today. But they get tired of the same old same old. And who can blame them. So here are 10 fun lunch box ideas.

10 Fun Lunch Box Ideas

  1. Popcorn. My kids love getting a bag in their lunch. It’s quick and easy to pop some in the morning.
  2. Bagel sandwich. I get the mini bagels and then put some ham, cheese, and mustard on there and they both like it. I heard kids at the lunch table were drooling over it the last time they took them. They also like a bagel with cream cheese or nutella and bananas.
  3. Dip cups. Add some peanut butter for apple slices, salsa for chips, or ranch dressing for veggies. I like these ones here and here.
  4. Boiled eggs. My kids like these with a little salt and pepper. And it’s super fast to pop one in their lunch box if they are prepared ahead of time.
  5. Mini Pancakes. Include peanut butter, berries or even a dip cup of syrup! We love these pancakes.
  6. Tortilla wraps. Instead of using bread wrap whatever your sandwich fillings are in a tortilla.
  7. Salad. My daughter is a bit of a rabbit and will happily take a salad to school. Especially if you have leftover chicken, olives, mushrooms, or whatever salad toppings are available and they like.
  8. Laughing cow cheese wedges. My kids think these are awesome and so yummy. This usually takes the place of cheese in a homemade lunchable.
  9. Cereal. This one is fun but you need a leakproof container for your milk. Or I give my kid a quarter to get milk from the cafeteria. I put the cereal in a tupperware container and then they can add the milk at lunch.
  10. Tuna or chicken salad. This one is easy to whip up in the morning or prepare the night before. Serve it with crackers or pretzels, cucumbers, carrot chips, in a lettuce wrap, or on bread.

Bonus Tip! I rarely put a treat in my kids’ lunches. No candy or dessert most of the time. But every once and a while they love to find a cookie or small bag of m&ms. They seem to appreciate it more and it’s a fun surprise.

What are your tips for spicing up your kids’ lunches?

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