10 year Anniversary

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weddingSo today is our 10 year Anniversary. Man time fly’s! It seems like it was just yesterday that we were eagerly waiting to get married! And now look at us, four wonderful children, a wonderful life, a nice home, or at least that is in the construction plans in my head 😉 . We have a great website that sucks our brains dry on a daily basis as we search the world for Thrifty tips for Thrifty people! Who would of thought that when we first were married that we would have a website that has had almost 4 million visitors! We have so much to be thankful for! I am especially thankful for you, Sarah. You were that cute little petite farm girl who thought I was cocky and stuck on my self. (May be just a little) But hey you married me!

When we worked at the dealership together, it was always fun talking to you. I loved to glance over at you and would always smile to myself. Back in my dating years I had a three strikes your out program. I asked you to go out on 2 dates and you always thought I was just joking. And then when I asked you that third time and you did say no, I popped! I told you that I had a three strikes your out program. And that if you said no that I was done asking. You almost seemed surprised that I was upset that you wouldn’t go out on a date. I had a feeling you liked me, but I couldn’t figure out why you kept saying no. Then I knew I had you when you realized I was serious about dating you! When you told me that you really didn’t mean no, and that you needed to figure out if you could go or not, and that you wanted me to not give you the third strike. Remember what I said? ” Ok I’ll cut it back to 2 strikes and 3 foul balls” Which meant you had one more chance to officially respond to my date that week.

After that date we both seemed to be glued to each other. After hanging out with you for over a year at the dealership and then dating, it didn’t take long for us to know what we wanted.

We started that eternal road together, still glued by the way, ten years ago. I was telling someone the other day that many relationships require breaks from each other. Many spouse enjoy going to work simply for the break from their spouse. Many people like to go on girl vacations, or guys to go out hunting for two weeks to get away from each other. It’s not like that with us. I chose a real job (my nursing job) solely because I am home 4-5 days a week, so that I can be with you and the children. And now with our A Thrifty Mom.com we even work together 4 feet apart at our desks.

I enjoy every minute with you. And it’s so nice to come home from my real job and here you say – “It’s so nice when you are here all day, and not at work” That shows me that you enjoy spending all our time together. I enjoy the simple things we do together. Like when we sleep we always need to be touching each other, even if it is our feet. It is nice when you roll over and want to snuggle on the couch, and watch my science, history shows.

Sarah I love you! Thanks for putting up with my strange quirks. Thanks for loving me. Thanks for being such a wonderful and perfect wife, and mom. I love you.


From Sarah,

What a sweet surprise. Matt I guess I should have known you where up to something….  aren’t you tricky!  I love you too! 10 years fly by when you spend them with your best friend. Love you more each day!

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