101 Bonsai Growing Tips, Bud Leaf Trimmer and a Bonsai Tree 73% Off – Great Spring Easter Gift Idea

Bonsai trees have always been a fascination that I (Matt) have had since I was young. The relaxation and the beauty of them really amaze me. They are great indoor plants and require very little watering. A few trims here and there, and some training with wire to help branches form the positions of the pruner.

juniper bonsai tree9GreenBox – Juniper Tree Bonsai Best Gift

As low as $17.98 including shipping

  • Juniper Bonsai tree features the power and tranquility of Bonsai but in a smaller size
  • A very hardy plant and perfect gift for anyone interested in the art of caring for juniper bonsai trees
  • If space is a limitation, this juniper bonsai tree can add color and harmony while still possessing all the characteristics of its larger version
  • Juniper Tree
  • Handmade by 9Greenbox


bonsaiZen Reflections Juniper Bonsai

On Sale up to 73% off!

As low as $20.73 including shipping

  • This juniper bonsai will create the illusion of an aged miniature tree in nature
  • Handmade by 9Greenbox. Makes a unique gift
  • Delivered in an 7″ glazed clay pot, with miniature fisherman
  • We have chosen a hardy 3 year old juniper with trailing branches that are easy to train

bonsai bud limb trimmerBonsai Pruner, Bud & Leaf Trimmer

As low as $3.99 and free shipping as an add on item

  • Bonsai Pruner, Bud & Leaf Trimmer
  • Mini trimming shears are perfect for bonsai, pruning houseplants,
  • anywhere a small razor sharp pruner is needed.
  • Only 4″ long, mini shear has razor sharp stainless steel blades, cuts effortlessly
  • Also very handy for the fisherman’s tackle box, sewing box, etc.

101 bonsai growing tips
Bonsai (101 Essential Tips)

As low as $4.01 and free shipping options


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