14 places people forget to clean

14 places people forget to clean

It’s Katie. When you clean it’s easy to forget all the nooks and crannies. There’s the obvious behind and under furniture that gets missed by regular cleaning but there’s more, usually this is the reason why people prefer to hire Ak Building Services, because they know the professionals will take care of every singles spot! Here are 14 places people forget to clean.

  1. Under the fridge.This includes vacuuming off the coils. So much dirt and dust can collect under there. It will help improve your fridge’s performance as well!
  2. Your mattress! Even with a mattress protector and sheet your mattress can get dirty. Sprinkle it with some baking soda and then vacuum it.
  3. Your couch and other furniture. I regularly vacuum off my couch but I rarely wash the cushion covers. Now this will vary depending on they type of material your couch is made of. So just follow the manufacture’s instructions. If you’re looking to dispose your furniture just call this Junk Removal East Boston service.
  4. Drapes and shower curtains. All of our curtains are machine washable which is a must for us and our kids. Chocolate pudding smeared on your dining room curtains anyone?! It improves the smell of a room too to wash your curtains. Follow the cleaning directions on your curtains. I don’t put mine through the dryer just hang them up to dry. The shower curtains need a good wash too.
  5. Under the microwave. If your microwave is mounted above your stove top it collects oils and grime. Use a hot soapy rag to wipe off the bottom and clean it up. Wipe out the inside too!
  6. Have your furnace serviced. We had ours cleaned up and it works more efficiently. If you need any assistance with your furnace, check out this reliable company.
  7. While your at it clean out your dryer. We regularly empty the lint trap in the dryer but there’s still build up in the dryer. Follow directions from the manufacturer.
  8. Change your furnace filters! This is easy to forget to do on a regular basis. So set a reminder in your phone.
  9. Wipe down ceiling fans. I spray mine with a furniture polish and then put a pillowcase over the blade and wipe it off as I pull the pillow case off. That way all the dust and dirt get trapped in the pillow case 😉
  10. Toothbrush holder. Look at the inside of your toothbrush holder. Now go look at your kids. Gross, right? This is an easy and quick clean that will get rid of germs and bacteria.
  11. Under any rugs. Rugs are vacuumed often, but underneath dirt can get trapped too. So pull them out and clean the floor underneath and shake or vacuum the rug itself. And if you carpet is extremely dirty, you can get Carpet Cleaning Rhode Island.
  12. The inside of the trashcans. I spray some lysol in my trash can after I take out the bag, but every once and a while all the of the trash cans need to be washed. Some hot soapy water in the tub, or if it’s a nice day outside with the hose. The kids can help with this one!
  13. Exercise equipment. Wipe down weights, the treadmill, and clean off your yoga mat. So much sweat and oils get on your equipment its easy to give a quick wipe down.
  14. Light switches, door knobs, remotes. Give one of the kids a wipe to clean off all those places that get touched on a daily basis.

And on a side note, if you want your house to be super clean, be sure to contact PowerTech Power Washing in Wilmington, NC at (910) 789-7929. They do an outstanding job at washing concrete too.

Got it all done? What are your tips for cleaning those forgotten spots in your house? If you’re looking for a great cleaning company to help you out with deep cleaning all the hard to reach places in your home, you can check out FreshMaids. Click here to read more information about the company.

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