7 Tips to Jump Start Spring Cleaning

7 Tips to Jump Start Spring Cleaning

It’s Katie! We’ve had a few warm days here mixed with a lot of chilly windy and sometimes rainy ones. But it’s Spring and in Idaho you never know what you’re going to get.

Time to get to Spring Cleaning! Here are 7 Tips from an expert cleaner to Jump Start Spring Cleaning and help you tackle the sometimes daunting task…

7 Tips to Jump Start Spring Cleaning

1. One Task At A Time

If the thought of deep cleaning your house gives you anxiety take it one task at a time. This is the way I overcome my anxiety of cleaning. One closet a day. Or I go through my dresser one day, or the pantry, of the top of the fridge. This way something gets done but if I don’t focus on the one task at a time then I’m digging stuff out of a closet and taking it to another room and then getting distracted with what I need to do in that other room. However deep cleaning your house can be done by a cleaning company like Soft Washing in Silver Spring MD that invests in specialized modern equipment and the best cleaning solutions to help keep your house looking at its best!

According to Chicago Racoons the cheapest home improvement you can make is definitely to pressure wash your property, the results are noticeable and quick. If doing the whole pantry at a time is too much try doing one shelf at a time. Take a break and then come back to do another shelf.

2. Use a checklist.

Write down each area that you want to have deep cleaned. You can either go through and cross them off as accomplished or put them on strips of paper in a jar. Then when you are ready to tackle a chore pull one out at random.

3. Recruit Help.

Get your spouse and kids involved. I know that cleaning our master bedroom is so much easier when my spouse is there too, because half of it is his! Depending on your kids ages they can help too! I wait to go through my 11-yr old’s clothes and closet until I can do it with her. You may also hire a janitorial services company to help you complete your spring cleaning tasks. For hard to clean dirt like grime, hire Power Washing in DuPage County IL.

4. Get a donation box started.

As you go through your kids’ clothes, household items and such if the item is still in good shape and has life left in it, donate it! We usually have a box in the garage that we fill as we go through things. When it’s full we take it to a donation center.

I’ve read this book and some of it made a lot of sense to me. While not everything brings me joy, some of it is necessary so I don’t completely agree with her methods. But I try to apply it to my clothes and other things like decor and the stuff that collects. Aka Do I wear it? Does it fit? Do I really like it? Call cheap skip hire in Canberra before you start for all the trash you’ll be disposing.

5. Turn on some tunes!

Music can be so motivating. Make a playlist of your favorite songs and sing a long while you work. It will make it go that much faster. Or turn on an audio book or talk radio.

6. Set a timer.

I use this often when cleaning my house. I got home at 2:30pm yesterday and had 30 min until my kids got home from school so I cleaned for just that amount of time. And then when they showed up I stopped. The floors didn’t get vacuumed but I got a lot done in the kitchen and living room!

7. Be patient and know you’re doing your best!

Sometimes I finish cleaning a room and then my kids walk into it and all of the sudden there’s socks, toys, blankets and papers strewn about. Know that the top of the closet is organized or you freezer has been cleaned out. Take pride in those small victories!!

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