20 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse


20 Ways to Show Love to Your Spouse

It’s Katie! We all know you’ve got to keep the love alive in a marriage. If you get too distracted and start to ignore your spouse it’s easy to grow apart and just start coasting living parallel lives. Of course there are the big things: trust, communication, etc that are vital to any marriage. But the little things can have a big impact. However, are you looking to improve your sexual health? Then read more about this True Pheromones here for more info!
Here are 20 simple ways to show love to your spouse/significant other.

  1. Small acts of service. This is one of the easiest ways to show love. My husband puts toothpaste on my toothbrush if he makes it to the bathroom in the morning or night first. So simple but shows me he’s thinking about me.
  2. 20 second hugs. A long time ago I read somewhere that if you embrace in a 20 second hug every day that it strengthens your relationship. It’s worked for us!
  3. 20 second kisses. Combine that with your 20 second hug and you get to really embrace your spouse. Intimacy isn’t just about sex.
  4. Leave them notes. If you used the car your spouse typically takes to work, leave them a note in there so when they head off to work they can see your thinking about them. I used to leave notes in my husband’s laundry when I put it away so when he pulled out a shirt he’d find it.
  5. Make their favorite dinner/dessert/snack. Take the time to whip up something that speaks love to their stomach.
  6. When you’re both tired after a long day, ask your spouse if there’s anything you can get them. Sometimes its a glass of water. Sometimes its a shoulder rub.
  7. When you’re out shopping and notice something that your spouse would love and can afford it. Buy it for them just because.
  8. Say thank you. It’s just 2 tiny words but they mean so much. “Thank you for taking out the trash” “Thank you for giving the kids a bath” ” Thank you for enduring such a long hard day’s work to provide for our family”
  9. Compliment them. Tell them they look sexy in that dress or those pants. Tell them that they’re handsome or beautiful. They need to hear it from you.
  10. Pick up after them without complaining. Sometimes I work on a project and leave a mess behind and my husband just helps clean it up without complaining that I got distracted and am messy. Warms my heart 🙂
  11. Remember things. If your spouse had an important meeting remember to ask him or her about it. If your spouse went to the Dr ask how it went. Set a reminder in your phone if you have to.
  12. Sit by each other. When you’re busy with kids sometimes its easy to get distracted or you have to be referee with them. I find this true especially at the dinner table or while we sit in church. But we always sit by each other.
  13. Hold their hand. If you’re driving in the car put down your phone and hold their hand. I love it when my spouse reaches out to grab my hand if we’re out walking somewhere or sitting by each other watching tv.
  14. Text each other during the day. Send a quick text on your break and tell them you love them, miss them, and can’t stop thinking about them.
  15. Greet each other. This is one I know I can work on. My husband usually gets home around dinner time. So I’m usually busy trying to cook or clean up something. I need to stop and take the time to say hello and give him a hug.
  16. Kiss each other before you leave for the day.
  17. Do something that interests your spouse. Does your spouse love to dance? Hunt? Watch movies? Work on cars? Craft? Next time your spouse is enjoying their hobby ask them if you can help. Show an interest in what they love.
  18. Ask them their opinion and make sure it matters. We always ask each other about big decisions and small ones. When our friends ask us to go do something we check in with each other to see if that works out. Sometimes there’s a kid thing that one of us has forgotten about or one of us has something else planned. So we try and work with each other. I always ask my husband’s advice on things, his words carry the most weight with me over friends and family. I think it’s a matter of mutual respect.
  19. Initiate intimacy.
  20. Laugh with each other. But not at each other. Life is so hard and it can be difficult to get caught up being serious all the time. Cheer each other up with a fun light hearted conversation. If laughter is the best medicine why wouldn’t you want to share it with your spouse? Plus, a good conversation with laughter and fun can be relaxing and help release some of those feel-good brain chemicals.

What are your favorite ideas to show your spouse or significant other you love them?

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