21 Healthy Halloween Treats, for the perfect Halloween Party!

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I know healthy Halloween treats do not sound very fun, but I think these ideas will change your mind. Halloween was one of my favorite holidays as a child. One of the main reasons was because it meant I got CANDY. Most of which I wanted to eat all in one night.  My Mom always made a point to feed us a food dinner so our tummy would be full of good food before we started to try and fill it with sugar.  Most Halloween parties you go to are going to have lots of sweet treats, so it is great to add a few healthy Halloween options in there too.


Watch our Live Video making some of these recipes

Below you will find a list of healthy Halloween treats. Most of which are crazy easy to make!  Pick out a few of your favorites  to add to your Halloween party, or dinner! My kids all have a favorite that they ask for every year. Best is they do not even realize they are a healthy Halloween option. They just think they are FUN!

21 Healthy Halloween Treats, for the perfect Halloween Party!

Healthy Halloween Recipes, Monster Eye Salad, Easy Halloween Recipes, Halloween treats

Monster Eye Saladmonster-eyesMonster Eyes (Grape Eyes) 

Healthy Halloween treat ideas, Monster Fruit Cups, school party ideas, Healthy but Fun Halloween recipe ideas for parties

Monster Fruit Cups ~ Fast and Easy  Halloween Treats


Jello Brain Mold, super easy but fun Halloween party idea. Healthy Halloween made easy.

Easy Halloween treats for kids, Cheese Stick Ghost, Halloween party food and easy recipes,Halloween Treat Ideas For Kids ~ Cheese Stick Ghost

orange jack o lanterns, oranges, jack o lantern, Halloween, Halloween snacks, Halloween treats, healthy Halloween treats

Orange Jack-o-lanterns, Easy Halloween snacks

Deviled Eggs with Spiders, Halloween treats that are healthy, #Eggs, #HealthyHalloweenFood, #SpiderEggs, #Halloween

Spider Eggs (Deviled Eggs) – creepy but oh so good!

monster eye skewers, meatballs, meatball skewers, Halloween snacks, party snacks, Halloween, party food, Halloween food

Monster eye skewers in slime, perfect Halloween  Dinner idea 

Halloween Food Ideas, Easy Halloween recipes, #DeviledEggEyes, #Halloween, #Hacks

Spooky Deviled Egg Eyes ~Halloween recipes

Juice Box Mummy's

Juice Box Mummy– so fun for school lunch or party

Pumpkin Rolls a quick and easy way to make your table festive, perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving parties

Pumpkin Shaped Dinner Rolls ~ Quick and Easy

Healthy Halloween treats for kids, October School fun food ideas, Mini Orange Pumpkind with Celery Tops, finger food for kids that will make them smile,Fun and Easy Halloween Recipes, Halloween treats

Little Orange pumpkins The perfect treat

Healthy Halloween treat ideas, Candy Corn Veggie Tray, Healthy but Fun Halloween recipe ideas for parties

Candy corn veggie tray

Healthy Halloween treat ideas, ORANGE MUMMIES, #Mummy, #Fruit, #Halloween, #Healthy

Orange mummies

Jack o lantern oranges healthy Halloween snacks, #healthysnacks, #halloween, #jackolanterns, #oranges, #fruit, #trickortreaters, #trickortreat, #fall, #thriftycrafts, #thriftysnacks

Jack-o-lantern orange cups perfect for school parties!

Halloween ideas made EASY, Halloween crafts recipes decor and more all SUPER EASY, SImple Halloween party ideas, Healthy Halloween recipes, side

55 Easy Ideas for HALLOWEEN 


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