3 Tips to Be Healthy and Strong

3 Tips to Be Healthy and Strong

It’s Katie. Swimsuit season is coming… And I have to be honest. I don’t find any motivation from that. LOL. Working out has got to be one of the toughest things to fit into your schedule when you’re a busy mom of 3 kids, work from home, and can’t afford a maid.

So I don’t have time for the gym, but I do try and make exercising a priority. I want to be strong and healthy.

Ever since the pandemic started, everyone has been prioritizing their health. Apart from wearing disposable masks when going out, people have become more interested in fitness, healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle in general.

Here are my 3 tips to be healthy and strong that anyone can fit into their schedule. Even if you are busy!

1. Watch what you eat. This is probably the most important. Find what works for you but eating fresh unprocessed food is the goal! If you’re interested in Keto check out Matt’s post here, here, here, and here. When you go to the store find yourself healthy unprocessed food and don’t buy the chips, cookies, white bread, etc. If it’s not in your house you won’t have easy access to eat it. This is the healthiest amazon greens with the best ingredients. I like to have plain almonds, berries, carrots, and hummus around for easy snacks.

2. Drink more water. I find that if I am dehydrated I get more headaches and when I do workout I can’t last as long. So drink more water! If I have a water bottle with a straw I drink way more. Here are a few of highly rated water bottles here, here, and here. I had a friend that works in an office and whenever the phone rang she took a drink of water. She said it definitely increased her water intake!

3. Find an exercise program that motivates you. I have some friends that love running. Some people like going for a brisk walk each day, great for both you and your dog!

My favorite exercise program is Fitness Blender.com. It’s a youtube channel by this husband and wife team who are really down to earth and actually do the whole workout with you. I like that they have over 500 workout videos to choose from and they are all completely free. Their strength workouts are my favorite!! I like their basic approach. No loud music (although I often put on my own music), no weird camera shots, and they have modifications for beginners. I’ve been using their workouts for about a year and am still using them about 3 times a week. They have some quick workouts so anybody can fit in a 10 min workout or if you’ve got more time choose one of their 1,000 calorie workouts!

Bonus Tip: Get your kids and spouse involved. Or find a buddy to help. Eat healthy together, go on walks to the park, my kids do the workouts with me sometimes too. It is so much easier to achieve these goals when you have a support system and you do it together.

(This is not a paid review. Fitness Blender has no idea I am telling you about them)

What are your top tips for being healthy and strong?