4 movie tickets for only $14.99

Weekly Cinema
Subscribe to receive one FREE movie ticket and 3 movie tickets every month for only $14.99Over 60% in Savings! Get a friend to join and we’ll give you both MORE FREE tickets!

Update: We just joined this ourselves. We love to go on dates to the movies and Matt loves to take the kids on Daddy/daughter dates, and Daddy/son dates. One thing that keeps us from going is the outrageous prices! We tend to shy from the cheap theaters because our children get too dirty, if you know what I mean.

We just printed our first free ticket and can’t wait till we are sent our monthly tickets!

How do you do it? You do have to enter a credit card, on a monthly billing cycle.

Check your email once signed up, and redeem your free ticket. Print the screen where you see a barcode. Take that to the movies to turn in. The cost is $4.99 per ticket which is about a third of normal value, once you are billed on your monthly cycle! The $14.95 per month includes 3 tickets, they last for  year so you can save them up.
To cancel there is a tab on the top right of the site. You can cancel anytime.

Plus you can fill out a survey on their site for another Free ticket!

Plus get 2 free tickets when you refer a friend

These last 1 yr!


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