5 Easy April Fools Snacks For Your Family

Five simple  ways to make APRIL FOOLS DAY fun with your kids!  These are easy and healthy recipes that are sure to make your kids smile when they open their lunchbox or come into the kitchen for an after school snack.
Fun and Healthy Snacks for kids, Apple mouth with strawberry tonge, Funny lunch ideas, April Fools ideas for kids, Preschool party food, Silly Mouth Apples

Silly Mouth Apple Snack – Fun Snack Ideas for Kids

Fun and Healthy Snacks for kids, Funny lunch ideas, April Fools ideas for kids, Preschool party food, Grape caterpillars

Grape Caterpillars ~ Fun and Healthy Snacks For Kids

Butterfly Celery Snack Recipe, Healthy Recipes for kids, Funny lunch ideas, April Fools Jokes for kids

Butterfly Celery Snacks – Fun Healthy Snacks for Kids

To make these you need celery cut into 2 1/2 inch sticks, fill them with peanut butter.  Then place two pretzels on each side to make wings.  Place craisins or raisins down the middle.  Break a pretzel into pieces to create antennae.  You can use raisins as eyes or Wilton candy eyes.

Silly Apple Smiles ~ Kid Friendly Recipe

Creepy Apple Mouths, funny snacks for kids, April Fools Treats

Creepy Apple Mouth ~ Funny Snacks for kids

If you liked this idea you might also enjoy some of these silly April Fools Pranks and Jokes:

April Fools Dessert Burgers, Quick and easy dessert for APRIL FOOLS DAY #Recipe #AprilFools #Dessert #KidsRecipe
painted bread for april fools day, April Fools day idea #AprilFoolsDay, #AprilFools

Edible Painted Bread... a fun idea for April Fools.

april fools eggs and bacon prank

Eggs and Bacon Aprils Fools Prank

April Fools Joke Prank ideas Krispy Kreme turns into veggies, Easy and nice Aprils fools jokes for kids, family friendly gags, Popular funny pranks

Where’s the Donuts… April Fools Prank 

April Fools Prank Ideas, Easy tricks for April Fools gag, Pan of Brown E's, silly pranks for kids

April Fools Jokes ~ A Pan of Brownies or BROWN E’s

April Fools Prank Ideas, Easy tricks for April Fools gag, Peeper Lunch, silly pranks for kids

Aprils Fools Prank -Peeper Lunch 

April Fools Prank Ideas, Easy tricks for April Fools gag, FAKE MOLDY BREAD, silly pranks for kids

 Aprils Fools Prank – Fake Moldy Bread

April Fools Prank Ideas, Easy tricks for April Fools gag, Fake Edible Poop, Gross gags or white elephant gift, silly pranks for kids

How to make FAKE Edible Poop for April Fools Day



  1. She loves that so we will doing hers with that 🙂 They are on spring break this week and it’s suppose to be raining so this will a great thing to do tomorrow

  2. Thank you again. I try to stay involved as much as possible with my Grands. They live with Karla Baker-Myers who is also on your post. 🙂 We have a very finicky eater who doesn’t like her fruits and veggies…exceptions are grapes/apples/bananas. These are all really awesome ideas. We will continue to follow and look forward to more fun!

  3. Instead of nuts you could use raisins, craisins or chocolate chips for the monster mouth

  4. When my dad eats an apple he eats the whole thing, the core and the seads! Haha

  5. I totally just told my youngest to stop eating so much fruit because he would get the squirts

  6. these are awesome. My granddaughter states she does not like much fruit and it has caused her some internal issues….going to try these ideas and try to make it fun for her!

  7. You’re welcome! If I’m behind the camera.. Sure I’d love to be live haha

  8. I have two dogs, they are both small, white, and curly, and both similar in color. One is named iceman and the other is a bit bigger that him that is named Skipper!

  9. I’m watching this with all 3 of my boys and they said I have to make these for them.

  10. just coming in on this. what are the googly eyes made from? marshmallows/raisins??

  11. Traders Jo has colorful candy coated sunflower seeds. That would be super cute.

  12. Hi I’m Natalie and I’m 8 and everything looks delicious and cute.

  13. My boys loved it. We have the ingredients so maybe I will let them make that for April Fool’s Day.

  14. An idea to stop the butterflies from rocking is to give them peanut half feet attached with a little pb.

  15. Oh, if you replace one of the middle grapes for two watermelon pieces they’d look like dragonflies! This is giving me so many ideas for looking after my boyfriends sister!

  16. I fell asleep from school and got your notification that you were live so I came right yo the video! Haha

  17. Nothing at our house cause I totally forgot and didn’t plan it out.

  18. I would love to do these with my kids but one of them doesn’t like peanut butter. What else is a good idea to use instead of pb?

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