7 Days of Valentines~Simple ways to make this year extra special (Day 5)

Love is in the air, and it has arrived at A Thrifty Mom Site!  Are you ready for 7 days of lovin’?  Alison, our Falling in Love with your Family contributor, is sharing 7 days of romance, skill-building, and fun to get you ready for Valentine’s Day and give your marriage a boost.  You can work on the challenges together, or you can try it out without letting your spouse know it’s anything but a burst of love from you.  If you accept the 7-day challenge and leave a comment about how it went on the last day (February 15), you’ll be entered into a drawing for a $25 movie card.  Are you ready for 7 Days of Valentines?

7 days of Valentines

By Alison

Day 1: Pucker up, Buttercup!

Day 2: Leave a Love Note

Day 3: Plan Your Valentines Day Date

Day 4: Don’t Miss the Gorilla (?!)

Day 5: Call me Maybe…

Your task for today is simple…call your sweetheart and tell them you love them.  If they don’t have easy phone access, you can opt for a text or email, but try for the real thing.  There’s nothing like an unexpected phone call just to say “I love you.”

Little things like this take almost no time, but they create a happy marriage culture.  Life is busy, but you can always carve out a couple of minutes for your love.


  1. i would email during the day at work to tell him i missed him and could not wait to see him that nite.

  2. My husband and I text during the day often just to check in and say we’re thinking of each other!

  3. Thank you for the wonderful ideas!  We have been married almost 15 years and we’ve been in a bit of a rut lately….it was nice to have some tips to  help us a bit!

  4. This one was simple, and we already do this! I stay home and my husband works, and we call each other twice while he is at work.

  5. this one was very easy I called her when she ran to town for groceries. We work together each day and this was a perfect time.

  6. My husband and I email each other each day at work.  so we do the I love you’s every day!

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