77 Crazy Things Our Parents Said To Us About Being Sick When We Were Little

silly things our moms say1My friends and I were laughing the other day about the silly things our Mom’s use to say to us when we got hurt or were sick, when we were little. Some of the things they said where wise wisdom and others were down right ridiculous.  We were laughing so hard we had tears coming from our eyes. So I ask my readers the question what did your Mom say to you when you were little and Had a Head Ache, Thirsty or had the Diarrhea?  I got a good laugh from your replies….

  1. You’re too young to have a headache!
  2. No matter what the ailment the first question would be “did u try to go poop.” I say it to my kids now just to be funny
  3. The funniest thing has come from my husband. When he would fall or get hurt and was bleeding, his grandmother would say – with a twang -, ” I hope your satisfied”. LOL I don’t know why that makes me giggle!
  4. It’ll be better by the time you grow up!
  5. My mother told me if I peed outside I would get a sty in my eye…then I got one…I was busted!!!
  6. Are you bleeding or coughing up a lung? No? Have a good day at school. Just kidding but it wasn’t far off from that
  7. My parents would say up chuck instead of vomit
  8. U r a headache (lol)
  9. Hello I am friday meet me saturday and we will have a sunday.
  10. Suck it up, get your own water, don’t crap in your pants… lol..oy vey lol
  11. You have currutaca (diarrhea)
  12. If you peed in the road, you’d get a sty on your eye, I had a lot of them. If ya’ gotts go, ya’ gotta go.
  13. If we got the runs we were told to… Eat more cheese
  14. And for everything else, if you are not bleedin or your bones are not broken then you are fine go outside and play
  15. LOL!! It must be a southern mom thing- first answer no matter the ailment “go sit on the pot” bahaha
  16. Well my mom and I always got really bad seasonal allergies and we called it “buffalo head” because it felt like a huge fluffy buffalo was clogging up our heads!
  17. Sad but my mom would threaten to give me a laxative if I had ailments. I learned to suck it up and go to school.
  18. You have a headache? Let’s chop off your head… that’ll take care of the problem:-/ Lol
  19. My mother told us “everything” was Gas…. Didn’t matter what it was.
  20. Did you poop today?, Go get a glass of water., Go drink some Pepto!
  21. Walk around the block and fart
  22. The other thing she said was “unless you are bleeding or on fire, then I don’t wanna hear about it,”
  23. My papaw always told us if we had a headache that ” with a head like that how could you not have a headache!” gotta love them lol
  24. My young women’s leader used to say for anything wrong, “Just go poop! It’ll make you feel better!” Haha!
  25. I’ll wash your mouth out with soap!! (sad thing, our neighbors mom actually did this)
  26. Any type of stomach issue “Drink and drink tons of water to flush out that nasty virus. It will come outta one end or the other.”
  27. My dads response was always, “its a long way from your heart,” or, “we’ll just smash the other one so you forget this one hurts.” Lol.
  28. You’re Thirsty? I’m Friday! Lets get together Saturday and have a Sunday!!
  29. My moms answer for everything was “go sit on the toilet” lol as I can see a lot of moms used to say that too
  30. If we were thirsty “Drink your Spit!”
  31. Any other possible ailment, my Mom would say, “Put on some lipstick, you’ll feel better!”
  32. It will feel better when it quits hurting
  33. My mom always asked if we had tried to got to the bathroom when we were sick. It seemed no matter what was bothering us, it might be caused by the fact we hadn’t pooped in a while. Was she right? Who knows. My I was only suffering from a constipation induced headache.
  34. Hi Thirsty, I’m Donna.
  35. Love all the pooping…apparently there were a lot of BM’s going on when I was a kid.
  36. My mother’s answer for any ailment or injury was “yellow Triaminic”. Stomachache, headache, sore throat, stubbed toe… It didn’t matter what the problem was, Yellow Triaminic was the answer. Horrible stuff. We didn’t fake sick in our house!
  37. It wasn’t headaches, thirst and diarrhea I got the crazy advice on. It was earaches, stomach cramps and hiccups. If I had an earache she insisted on blowing her nasty cigarette smoke into my ear (I learned never to complain about earaches).
  38. My grandmother would say, “It’ll get well before you get married.” I cried so hard when (I don’t even remember what minor injury) happened within 24 hours of my wedding day and I realized it wouldn’t get well in time. lol I miss her so much!!
  39. A headache got a children’s aspirin or 1/2 a regular aspirin. As the oldest of 6 kids, I never bothered to tell her I was thirsty — I just got myself a drink of water. And, for diarrhea, it was the horrible, awful, most dreadful of all solutions: Pepto Bismal. To this day, just the smell or sight of it disgusts me! uggggg!
  40. I tell my kids when they say their thirsty to “swallow their spit” always get a good laugh outta that one. And pepto for anything else that was wrong when I was a kid.
  41. My dad always asked, Did You break My (insert whatever you tripped over or fell on)??? If You broke It you’re in TROUBLE!!!
  42. Linda Hansen my grandmother and mother would fix me campbells chicken noodle soup dry toast and hot tea. tuck me in bed and feel my head for fever
  43. A headache was ” what do you expect with a watermelon for a head?
  44. I remember a time when my mom gave me M & M candy for a headache told me it was medicine.
  45. My mom used to always tell us to take a warm bath- no matter what the ailment was she would say, “take a nice warm bath n you will feel all better” the amazing thing was it always worked
  46. Every time we were sick to our stomach we got cola syrup its tasted horrible. lol
  47. “If you’re not thirsty enough to drink water, you’re not really thirsty at all”
  48. When my kids get hurt, I’ll say, “why did you hurt me like that?”, kid will respond, “I didn’t hurt you, it’s my ( ) that hurts.” Then I get to explain, “You are mine, anytime you hurt, I hurt! Now stop hurting me.” I’ll usually get a smile and a calmed down child.
  49. My grandmother gave us baby aspirin for headaches…rubbed us down with vicks vapor rub or campho-phenic for most ailments and pepto bismol for “the trots”!
  50. Baby aspirin, loved the taste. She would try pepto bismol but it would end up making me barf, so she would make jello, soup, hot tea and crackers for tummy problems. She would force me to wear hideous scarves by saying we would end up with a shot at the doctor if I didnt wear it.
  51. Get some water. (Water doesn’t taste good though). Then you’re not that thirsty, are you?
  52. I used to tell my daugher she wasn’t sick she was just sickening!!! kind of mean old mom. Ha Ha!!
  53. When my daughter tells me she hurt something, I get all dramatic and say “ohmygosh! Are you okay?? Do you need to go to the doctor?!? -snicker-*no* ” do you need to get a pop???( that’s what she calls shots) -snicker-*no!* then I guess you’re okay! Then I kiss it, she says thanks n goes on about her business
  54. My mom and I still joke about this, but whatever the ailment,she would say “take an Advil.”
  55. We also got a lot of Vicks vaporub for various ailments.
  56. Aspirin or Vitamin C. That was my mom’s cure-all. It didn’t matter what was wrong with you.
  57. No matter what was wrong with you my Aunt Cathy would always tell us to go take a big healthy dump….. It would cure whatever was ailing you. Ugh….
  58. Cant remember what she said about these circumstances,but i do remember she used to say to me,”if you get hurt and break your leg don’t you come running to me”, lol!
  59. A big turd with fix your problem
  60. Castor oil and granny chasing you with a spoon of it
  61. My dad would tell us “You will forget about it by the time you kiss your boyfriend” of course that would make us laugh then he would say “See you forgot about it already!”
  62. A headache meant you were tired–go to bed; thirsty meant get yourself a drink, I’m not your slave; diarrhea (or any other gastrointestinal disturbance meant pepto bismol
  63. My Dad would always say, “It’ll feel better when it quits hurtin!”
  64. My dad would always say when we hurt ourselves in a minor way, “give me your finger. I’ll bite it, then you’ll stop thinking about your (foot, shin,head,etc)
  65. When I was stomach sick my dad would make me toast with butter and brown sugar on it. Wish he was still with us.
  66. Are you bleeding? No Are you on fire? No Are you breathing? Yes Now go back to class! (we used to try to play sick to come home early from school; as you can see it never worked!!)
  67. My grandma Always said I was too young for headaches!
  68. My dad always offered to stomp on my toe. He said I would forget all about anything else.
  69. When I was thirsty my mom told me to swallow my spit.
  70. If we were coughing badly, my mom used to say “Cough it up… might be something we can use”. Grossed me out then and grosses me out now….but I still have the urge to say it to my kids when they cough.
  71. I was raised by my grandmother, any complaint we had, the first thing out of her mouth ‘have you pooped?’ Prunes were here cure all, unfortunately I have asthma and the prunes didn’t solve that so I had recurring hospital stays. My sister and I always laugh about how everything was supposed to be solved by pooping!
  72. For head aches, mom would say to go lay down…For a cold she would put vapor rub and crush aspirin under our feet and make us sweat it out. AND for an upset stomach she would give us crackers and 7up…or yerba buena (herbal green tea)…R.I.P Mom…she always tried to make us feel better…silly sometimes the things we had to do or take but we felt loved…
  73. Drink more water…. No matter what’s going on, the answer is always drink more water!
  74. My dad’s thoughtful answer for my ailments?- life’s tough then you die. Not related to above but my when climbing trees or rough housing my grandma would quip “if you fall and break both your legs don’t come running to me!”
  75. I alway tell my kids neosporin and a band aid .If it’s not gone in a week then we will worry. Fixes everything! LOL
  76. My mom used to ask me if I had had a B.M. if I told her I had a headache. What she thought one had to do with the other, who the hell knows?
  77. Well, I always say…”we will need to amputate” thank you dad for that one!


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