How to travel with kids

How to travel with kids

IMG_3662We got a few questions recently asking us how we travel with kids in the car for 11  hours?

First off I have to say some kids just travel better than others.  For example little Maveric was happy as can be the whole ride, we stopped every few hours to change his diaper, feed him and snuggle him then put him back in his seat.  He really was perfect on the way there….on the way home he was a little more fussy, but still a very good little boy! What a blessing he is!

Here are a few things we do to help the kids enjoy the trip

  • Bring Grandma and Grandpa along for the ride, they help entertain the kids plus the trip is “special” because they came along.
  • Bring along fun new toys for the kids to keep them entertained.  Like coloring books, play dough, stickers, etc.
  • Give them a pad of paper and teach them to draw things they see, then let them practice drawing.
  • We watch cartoons in the car like Tom and Jerry, all ages enjoy them. (I think my Dad was just as excited as the kids to watch them)
  • Bring little treats and when you see or hear the kids being kind or good,  reward them.
  • Sing songs, play “eye spy with my little eye” game
  • Let them ride with a small blanket and pillow so they can get comfortable
  • Place an older child next to a younger one so they can help them
  • Every time you stop take ALL of them to the bathroom, or after you start driving again you will here “I need to go potty”
  • bring zip lock bags to put little snacks in, easier to pass out, less mess and the kids like to have their “own bag”
  • Baby wipes are always great for easy clean up

Driving in the car can be a real nightmare if the kids are crabby, but I guess we have just been lucky and normally really enjoy the trip. I am no expert, and I am sure these will not work for everyone but this is what works for us.

What do you do on long road trips to keep the kids happy?

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  1. it’s pretty good that your baby is always smiling through out the trip. I guess I’ll bring more toys for my baby too. Thanks for sharing.

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